About us:

ONE LIGHTING is a young fast developing international lighting company. Our products have a wide range of versatile modular luminaries for any purpose, such as industrial lighting, street lighting, architectural lighting, sports lighting, and more. Application of innovation and know-how allows you to create perfect lighting solutions. Founded in 2013 in Hong Kong ONE LIGHTING makes its expansion in the European and American market.
In 2014 offices were opened in Russia and Germany.


Perfection in everything.
Perfect in lighting solutions.
Only advanced innovations and know-how in lighting technology make it possible to always be at the forefront.
Perfect logistics.
We will always be near. From design to shipment and service, our experts are ready to respond to your requirements. A wide network of warehouses near you.
Perfect in service.
The unique modular system allows you to upgrade or replace any of the blocks during the entire lifetime of the lamps.

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