Advantages FOR B2B
The main

The main advantage of modular construction is in a substantial decrease of quantity of ready-assembled lamps in stock and the speed of response to customer requests.

The type

The product formed in the process of selling, a limited number of modules in stock allows accelerate significantly the turnover of money, there is no need to wait 2-3 months to manufacture and supply a standard lamp now, you just need periodically renew cases (housings) and modules in stock. Now you can finish projects and make a profit much faster.


The warranty service does not require the removal of the entire lamp, the repair is just a replacement of the module on the spot, and it is easy as change a light bulb!

It’s not necessary to dismantle lamp for guarantee services, for repairing it’s just need to change module on the spot just like light bulb!


+ reducing the size of the warehouse - reducing the cost of storage
+ reducing the cost of goods in stock - more flexible planning costs
+ fast turnover of money – the rational use of money
+ it is possible to reach hot projects - additional profit
+ fast response to warranty cases- the trust of customers

Advantages FOR B2C

A lamp can always be upgraded. The main advantage of module lamps for clients is a possibility of upgrading lamps in further exploitation.

Any time

At any time of exploitation you can change a module to a more modern or change characteristics of lighting by adding control, color or direction of the light without dismantling and even turning off the light. Easy as change a light bulb.
You can add or remove modules at any time.


+ The possibility of lamp upgrading – always advanced development
+ Fast warranty repair - you will not stay without light for a long time
+ Change lamp type at any time
+ Always any lighting solutions

DO IT together

The unique modular design of lightning systems module one allows you to create
any light from the universal components. using a 28 watt led module with built-in driver
Just add various housings and lens

Take a housing
...add led module
...add lens
What’s inside?
PC board with 36 pcs high effective xp-e cree led chips
cooper plate for best heat distribution
highly effective slim aluminium radiator
driver cover
slim high quality driver with silicone filling ip 65
alluminium box with connection system
male connector fast fix system
28W LED light module

assembled on advanced CREE chips with integrated high-quality driver.

Interchangeable optical system

allows the use of light module for any purpose: street lighting , general lighting , architectural lighting, industrial lighting.


of housing allows to install the module in an amount of from 1 to 7 pc

The light module is a single molded unit with a factory warranty of 5 years. Connecting to the housing and replacement can be made without power down and without special tools through a patented FastFix locking connector.

A wide range of modules with both external (DALI, DMX512, 1-10V) and the internal (micro wave sensor, temperature sensor) control. Management system enables the integration of the modules in the system to maximize the efficiency of use.

  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Recessed
  • Track
  • Spotlight
and many more

In addition to obvious operating advantages, the repair or replacement of the module installed in the luminaire will take ten times less time and money.
Now you can upgrade the lighting, using more sophisticated modules with built-in FastFix connector.

Fast fix connector allows to change modules without power down

A wide variety of optical systems makes it possible to distribute the light output from the unit in any direction with high light transmission to 99 %. An optical system may be replaced at any time without shutting down operation of the lamp.

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